Our top priority is the Food Safety of our products.

Our commitment is to offer products that are free from any risk of chemical, biological and physical contamination.

We are a certified brand in best practices in all our processes:

  • Planting and cultivation
  • Harvest
  • Transport
  • Packaging
  • Distribution


Compliance with food safety in our operations and products is audited by third parties, in accordance with international standards.

Our food quality and safety system is based on the following points:
Transport and cold chain
Packaging process


At Mr. Lucky, we maintain a culture aimed at connecting the organization with the development of society through the well-being of its members, productive relationships with the community, respect for the environment, and ethical decision-making.

The  certification of the 4 Pillars achieved in April 2018 evaluates and verifies our practices.

SomeSocially Responsible Practices we carry out include:

Equal rights and opportunities for all employees.

Continuing education programs for workers and their families.

Medical services for our workers.

Life insurance for workers.

Nursery for children aged 1 to 4. Children of packing plant workers.

Support for institutions that provide assistance to vulnerable groups of people.

Support for communities where we have and make a greater impact.

Soccer school.

Dining facility.

Dental clinic.

Health campaigns.


Mr. Lucky is a responsible brand that acknowledges and respects its commitment to Mexico and its future generations, supporting the promotion of sustainable practices that help ensure the resources and ideal conditions for future generations.

Our Sustainable Practices are:

Field rotation

Carried out on the 3,800 hectares we cultivate, allowing us to maintain their health, rehabilitate them, and prevent diseases, thereby keeping them productive.

We analyze all fields to determine their actual nutrients and generate accurate fertilization.

We maintain records of all crops and applications.

Drip Irrigation

Installed in 100% of our fields, this system allows us to use water more efficiently compared to traditional irrigation, controlling and rationalizing it.


Currently, we cultivate 242 certified organic hectares. This method promotes environmental balance by not using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, irradiation, or artificial preservatives or ingredients. All our vegetables are free from genetically modified organisms. Many of the practices in organic agriculture are applied to conventional farming.

Biological pest
control program:

This program has allowed us to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by more than 70% in all our crops, with a 100% reduction in organic fields. We use materials approved by regulatory agencies in Mexico and the US.


We generate and apply over 500 tons of organic compost annually, enriching the agricultural soil with natural microorganisms.

Recycled packaging

In our packaging, we use various sustainable materials, including recycled cardboard boxes without finishes or coatings, which use less water and energy in their production; plastic bags with additives that allow for degradation, with over 35 million used last year; or by reusing plastic crates and boxes for which we have a special washing line.

The use of intelligent materials is a priority.

Electricity generation and emission control:

We have adopted technologies that allow us to generate energy, such as the 130 solar panels installed in the processing plant, generating more than 1,150 kW every week. Additionally, our field equipment operates with solar cells, emitting no emissions.

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