About us

Our story began in the state of Guanajuato at the early 1970´s. Thanks to the vision of our founder, we started cultivating vegetables with a strong focus on quality, earning recognition in Mexico and later in countries around the world.

We are a 100% mexican company with a vast experience at farming and marketing of conventional and organic fresh, pre-cut and frozen vegetables.

The quality of our products is the result of the passion and dedication with which we work every day in the field and in the processing plant.

5 decades harvesting the highest-quality vegetables with the same commitment to our 4 pillars.

Innovation and Technology
Social Responsibility
Half a century later, Mr. Lucky is a vertically integrated company that currently harvests a vast expanse of land to offer a complete line of products within Mexican territory and to a large number of countries in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

This is where our products come from

We produce vegetables in two different areas, Central and Northern Guanajuato, both with different climates and altitudes above sea level, allowing us to obtain vegetables.
This allows our crop rotation program to have a greater impact on the soil,
keeping it healthier.

Open crop acres


Certified organic open crop acres


Certified Organic Greenhouse acres

Fields up


meters above sea level


During the transportation and distribution of our products, we continue to uphold the quality and safety that distinguishes us.

Our storage facilities, as well as our transportation units, are equipped with optimal infrastructure for temperature control, ensuring the post-harvest conditions required to preserve the freshness of MR. LUCKY products.

Our People

Our most valuable resource are of collaborators. With 6,306 dedicated direct employees who work year-round with passion, we are able to control the entire process from planting the seeds to marketing and distributing our extensive product line.

Philosophy and Values

From our beginning to the present day, we have witnessed many changes in the field, the climate, trade, and consumption. However, we've always known that achieving excellence is what allows us to reach global markets and keep their preference.

This has been our philosophy and our primary motivator.

- Values -


We acknowledge ourselves as human beings to accept, appreciate, and value the qualities of others and their rights.


We communicate our ideas efficiently, timely and with respect.


We are aware of our actions and their consequences.


We offer complete respect for others, their ideas, practices, or beliefs, regardless of whether they are different from our own.


We acknowledge that we deserve the best.


We ensure that everyone receives what they deserve, benefiting both ourselves and society.


We consider the possible risks associated with our actions and adjust our behavior to avoid unnecessary harm.


We become aware of the achievements of others and let them know.


We give each what they deserve based on their merits or circumstances.


We collaborate as a group, leveraging the abilities that each of us possesses to achieve a common goal.

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