Sustainability and Social Responsability

Comercializadora GAB is an ethical company that recognizes and respects its commitment to Mexico and its future generations, through programs that seek specific social development, education and environmental preservation.

We maintain collaboration programs with the communities where we have a direct influence by supporting their development and education of its habitants, thus we return some of what we receive from them.

We are aware of the environment supporting the promotion of sustainable practices to help us ensure the resources for the future generations.

We believe that only through these actions, our country and around World, will continue to maintain suitable conditions for its inhabitants.

We recognizae ourselves as an important player for this Challenge.

Some sustainable actions we do are:

  • Drip irrigation systems for water control and rationalization .
  • Organic farming to support the enviromental balance.
  • Crop rotation program .
  • Use of enviromentally Friendly products.
  • A soil pesticides elimination program.
  • Material recycling and resource conservation.
  • Sport and health promotion
  • Educational programs, social institutions supporting and infrastructure improvements, specially in communities near our facilities.
  • Constant training to team members.





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